Canada Visa Express


About Canada Visa Express (CVE)

Canada Visa Express (CVE) is Canada's regulated Canadian immigration consulting firm. We are headquartered in Great Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada with subsidiary offices in the Philippines and india. Our team comprises of Paralegals and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. Canada Visa Express (CVE) is your total guide for immigration and visa matters. It provides a comprehensive range of visa and immigration services for applicants seeking to acquire any type of visa and employers seeking to hire foreign workers. If you are an interested applicant who wants to come to Canada temporarily to visit, study or work, or permanently to establish your career and livelihood, or to join your family, we can help. If you are an employer who needs to fill in a position but cannot find a qualified applicant locally, thus who wants to hire a globally competitive foreign worker, we can help too.


We aspire to assist every individual in their Canada visa and immigration matters with efficiency, affordability and competence. As there are a good number of individuals who would like assistance, we want to make sure that they receive accurate counseling and guidance from registered Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, and with reasonable processing fee.


We envision to achieve client satisfaction by providing accurate counseling and assistance. Our goal is to build subsidiary offices all over the globe especially in those countries where most immigrants in Canada come from. We want to be near and available to our clients so we can reach those who are not incline in availing services through internet and overseas.