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Temporary Resident Visa/ Visitor Visa

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A visitor means a person who is lawfully in Canada, or seeks to come into Canada for a temporary purpose (such as work, study or visit) and who is not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or the holder of a minister's permit.

Every visitor, unless exempted, must apply for and obtain a visa before appearing at a Port of Entry (POE). All visitors who are required to obtain a visa must be in possession of the visa when they appear at a POE.

A foreign national who has an immigrant visa already in process is not prohibited from applying for a temporary resident visa.


A visitor visa may be for single entry or multiple entry use. Single entry visas may be issued up to six months before the expected date of travel. The maximum validity date for multiple entry visitor visas is up to ten (10) years or one month prior to the expiry date on the passport or re-entry visa, whichever is earlier. POE officers will routinely grant entry for a period of six months to a person requesting entry as a visitor.

Processing Time

It depends on your country of residence, we may further advise you regarding the estimated processing time according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). We highly recommend that application should be submitted at least two months prior to the intended departure date.